Wood pallets are a cost-effective and time-proven method for transporting and storing your goods. At Shadybrook Lumber we use state-of-the-art automated production. Our focus is expert manufacturing, yielding a wide range of pallets built to the highest standards of quality.

Stringer pallets use dimensional lumber stringers between the top and bottom decks. They can be made for 2 or 4 way entry with a forklift and are the most common type of pallet in the US.

Block pallets use wooden blocks at various points to support the top deck. With this design bottom deck boards can be omitted. Block pallets generally allow for 4 way entry with a forklift.

Costco requires a specific block pallet design for incoming shipments. We can supply these.

Custom pallets are no problem. We can design a pallet for you in-house to meet your particular load requirements.

ISPM 15 is a measure developed to ensure the proper treatment of pallets being shipped internationally. We heat treat and brand in-house so your export pallets are ISPM 15 compliant.